BAAM 2015 Call For Papers


The Call for Papers for the BAAM 2015 convention is now open. The deadline for submissions is November 27, 2014. Our theme for 2015 is All Behavior Analyzed: Liberated by Science, Guided by Ethics. Submit your proposals online by the deadline for consideration for inclusion in the BAAM 2015 BAAM Convention.

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New BAAM Website


After 10 years, BAAM is doing a phased retirement of its former website design.  We retained the 1990s-style site, with its very small file sizes, as long as possible to accommodate those struggling with slow Internet connections and older web browsers.

However, new web standards and technologies require that we update. We hope the new design is pleasing and useful.  During the transition, you might encounter some older-style pages that have been retained to facilitate the transition between old and new technologies. If your favorite pages are missing from the new site, use a search engine to look for them. IF possible, we will leave the old pages active until we have transfered them.


Archive of the Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior (JEAB)

View the contents of all back issues from 1958-2012.


What is the Matching Law?

First described in detail in a1961 article by Richard Herrnstein, matching law says that responses are distributed among alternatives in proportion to the relative amounts reward obtained on each alternative. If you get 1/3 of your reward on behavior A, and 2/3 on B, you will devote 1/3 of your effort to A and 2/3 to B.

Archive of the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis (JABA)

View the contents of all back issues from 1968-2012.

Special BCBA Newsletter on Ethics


In August of 2013, the BACB Board of Directors authorized a workgroup to evaluate the organization’s disciplinary system and ethical/disciplinary codes – the Guidelines for Responsible Conduct for Behavior Analysts (“Conduct Guidelines”) and Professional Disciplinary and Ethical Standards (“Disciplinary Standards”). This action was consistent with the BACB’s history of periodically reviewing and revising its standards.

Western Michigan University Psychology Receives $4 Million for Autism Research and Training

Photo of Western Michigan Group receiving funding

"The efforts funded by the new state money will move forward under the direction of Dr. Stephanie Peterson, chair of the WMU Department of Psychology, and Dr. Wayne Fuqua, professor of psychology, whose longtime focus has been on the use of behavior analysis for the treatment of autism."

Walled Lake Schools to Pay in Dismissed Criminal  Facilitated Communication Case

Parents accused of rape and abuse via the discredited method, Facilitated Communication, receive a $1.1 million settlement from Walled Lake Schools.

2015 BAAM Convention

The BAAM 2015 convention will be held Thursday and Friday, February 19-20 at the Student Center on the Campus of Eastern Michigan University.


BAAM offers a mix of applied, basic, historical, conceptual, and professionals events, and is open to everyone.  We will have BACB CEUs available.  Last year's BAAM convention had record attendance, and we expect as many this year. BAAM has secured larger rooms  to better accommodate the growth.  We hope to see you there.

What is Facilitated Communication?

Facilitated Communication (FC), sometimes also called "Supported Typing," is a set of methods by which selection- pointing- or writing-based communication in one individual is simulated by another person who provides physical, gestural, or other cues for the selections. In most FC, the hand or arm of the individual is held and moved. But, in some forms, the facilitator holds the communication output device or provides non-physical cues. FC is the single most scientifically discredited intervention in developmental disabilities.

Research suggests that autism prevalence may be unchanged over last 20 years.

"several studies have found that there is increased surveillance for autism, a broadening of the diagnostic criteria, and an increased willingness to seek out and accept the diagnosis by parents and educators. Further, when you control for these variables, the adjusted autism prevalence is stable over time."

BAAM Statement of Purpose


The Behavior Analysis Association of Michigan* has been organized to support and promote scientific research on the basic principles of behavior and the extension of those principles to create demonstrably effective and humane outcome-based therapies with the primary goal of establishing and enhancing functional independent living skills.

*BAAM is a state affiliate of the Association for Behavior Analysis International and is sponsored by the Eastern Michigan University Psychology Department.

Behavior Science Saving Lives

Michigan Autism Conference to be held In Kalamazoo September 25-26, 2015.

Keynote Presenters include Vince Carbone, Gina Green, Linda LeBlanc, Thomas Zane, Kent Johnson, and Alan Poling.  Many others are scheduled to present on behavior analysis and autism.

Behavior Analysis Association of Michigan, Department of Psychology, Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, MI 48197