Past BAAM Conference Keynote and Special Speakers

2014: Susan M. Schneider (University of the Pacific) "Operant Principles Everywhere: Interdisciplinary Behavior Analysis and the Future of Our Field"

2014: Special Guest Address: Theodore A. Hoch (George Mason University) & Adam Dreyfus (Sarah Dooley Center, Richmond, VA) "When You’re a Behavior Analyst, You Can Work Anywhere in the World"

2013: Jay Moore (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) "Conceptual Issues in a Science of Behavior from Watson to Skinner"

2013 Special Guest Speaker: Edward K. Morris (University of Kansas) "History of Applied Behavior Analysis: Its Founding Publications"

2012: W. David Pierce (University of Alberta) "Activity Anorexia: Participation of Neuroendocrine Responses in Food-Related Contingencies"

2012 Special Guest Speaker: Stephen T. Higgins (University of Vermont) "Financial Incentives for Smoking Cessation Among Pregnant and Newly Postpartum Women"

2011: Richard W. Malott (Western Michigan University) "Dream Chasers"

2010: Jon S. Bailey (Florida State University) "Five Pillars of Professionalism: Infrastructure, Evidence, Ethics, Excellence, and Esprit de Corps"

2009: Howard C. Shane (Harvard University) "Using Technology to Educate Persons with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Do Professionals Get a Passing Grade?"

2008: Jack Michael (Western Michigan University) "Motivating Operations: The Current Approach"

2007: Joseph E. Morrow (Applied Behavior Consultants, Sacramento, CA;Sacramento State University, Emeritus) "Spreading the Word Through Peaks and Valleys."

2006: Murray Sidman (Northeastern University, Emeritus) "Why Isn't Everybody Like Us?"

2005: A. Charles Catania (University of Maryland, Baltimore County) "Words and Other Behavior"

2004: Brian Iwata (University of Florida) "What Descriptive Approaches to Behavioral Assessment Don't Tell Us About Behavioral Function".

2003: Patrick Friman (Boys and Girls Town) "Refutation of the Interpretation of Routine Child Behavior Problems as Psychopathology: A Massive Opportunity for Behavior Analysis"

2002: Kurt Salzinger (American Psychological Association Executive Director for Science) "Behavior Analysis of Bureacratic Behavior"

2001 (Basic Keynote): James Woods (University of Michigan) "Behavioral Pharmacology of Substance Abuse: Recent Findings and Their Implications for Basic and Applied Behavior Analysis"

2001 (Applied Keynote): Stephen C. Luce (Shankman Orthogenic School) "Disseminating Applied Behavior Analysis for Young Children with Autism: Recognizing Red Flags and Preventing Organized Efforts to Discredit."

2000: Elliott Valenstein (University of Michigan) "A Critique of Current Biochemical Theories of Mental Illness"

1999: Gina Green (New England Center for Children) "Evaluating Claims about Treatments for Autism"

1995: Robyn Dawes (Carnegie Mellon University) "Psychological Practice:The Necessity of Evaluating What Practitioners Actually Do"

1994: Mark Sundberg (Behavior Analysts, Inc. Danville, CA) "Facilitated Communication: What Are The Issues and What Are the Alternatives?"

1993: Donald M. Baer (University of Kansas) "The Practitioners, Researchers, and Theorists of Behavior Analysis"

1992: Thomas F. Gilbert (Performance Engineering Group)" Dramatic Improvements in Human Performance"

1991: Stephen Graf (Youngstown State University) "Charting Behavior and the World"

1990: Richard W. Malott, Satoru Shimanune, Maria Emma Malott, (Western Michigan University) "Rule-Governed Behavior, Organizational Behavior, and Human Services"

1989: Jack Michael (Western Michigan University) "Remote Contingencies, Verbal Behavior, and Common Sense"

1988: Elsie M. Pinkston (University of Chicago)" Behavioral Treatment of Families Across Generations"

1987: James G. Holland (University of Pittsburgh) "Behaviorism and the Future Society"

Behavior Analysis Association of Michigan, Department of Psychology, Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, MI 48197